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Cognition - tips not sufficient help

Hi everyone - I would like to ask the people who have had a cognitive assessment & if they felt the 1 x a 4 tip sheet was of any help ? Because back in 2016 when I requested a cognitive assessment because I knew I was experiencing difficulty with my thinking - slowness of processing & also attention . I was given 1 x a4 tips sheet which was NOT of any help - because everything on it , I had already been doing from my own attempts to find solutions . It was not sufficient help & I still experience cognitive difficulties today - if not a further deterioration of my cognition capability .

@thinkfree , we have to exercise our cognition. I'm unaware of the 1 x a4 tips sheet. What is it? Checkout :- https://www.lumosity.com/ And just accept that when you're tired/fatigued, things will work slower. So, do the work that requires cognitive ability in the morning when you're fresh(er!).


@thinkfree I underwent a very thorough set of cognitive tests at hospital (over two hours), at the suggestion of my work colleagues. Not sure what I gained from it, apart from the fact that I do have mild cognitive impairment (knew that because of being easily distracted, not able to take in lots of information, slightly slower processing). I, too, have found ways around it. Does it stop me from doing my full time job, no, does it impact on my daily life, no. In fact the person testing me was a little taken aback due to the high scores I was getting, despite my MS, in comparison to a normal person. Go figure ?!?!?!