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is this the MS hug?

A few hours after I had my first consultation with my neurologist after being diagnosed, I came home and a felt a pulled in sensation on my left hand side waist area.This has been there now for just over 2 months. I had one time felt a feeling that felt I had something tight up under my boobs, to which I actually thought I had pulled my pj bottoms up too high and was up under my top trying to lower them but there was nothing there. However, yesterday, this feeling became pretty intense, not painful, but was heading towards, uncomfortable kind of, but it eased off again and isn't as bad today, though still there as has been for weeks. Yesterday I almost felt like I was in a spasm and my top half was going to go right and my bottom half left! Just wondered if this is the 'hug'. Still all new to me all this. I had good time in London, managed really well, felt quite positive again, but yesterday started off having to walk to the shops, which i can do, but my legs were very shaky. Just wondered, every day I wonder now.x