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Hypersensitivity relapse

Hi! I’m having a relapse at the moment and just completed 5 days of steroids. I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone else had experienced extreme hypersensitivity when touched? I feel like I have sunburn everywhere from the neck down alongside balance and weakness issues. I’m taking 600mg pregabalin and 60mg amitriptyline which isn’t helping although I dread to think what it would be like if I wasn’t taking it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My MS team have been really good and I have brain and spine MRI’s this Sunday but this neuropathic pain is both physical and psychological torture. Emma

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Hi Emma, I'm sorry you're throu this. I never had this, but I can imagine it's a nightmare. As my experience with steroids need a bit for have some effect. In case you can always ask to your Ms team if it's normal it takes a while. After your scan I think it'll be more clear👍