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RCMP arrested for no probable cause

Cst.Jones then arrested me after I told him “I have MS” 3 times but dragged me off the scooter and handcuffed me and dragged me to the back of his patrol vehicle and put me in the back. I was issued a warning ticket and driven home in the back seat like a common criminal where everyone could see me. My scooter was towed back to my residence (damaged by the handling of it) I felt humiliated, my rights were violated, and wrongfully charged with an offense that was made up. I want to sue Cst Jones and the RCMP for overall treating me wrongfully and degrading. I still to this day have nightmares and am afraid of the RCMP.

I'm sorry, @stopthewar654, had I seen this when you first posted I would have responded right away. This is the kind of thing that bugs the crap out of me. I've heard this a couple of times now: MS getting confused with intoxication. I wish there was an easy answer to this. Some cops understand MS, some don't, but they all understand drunk and stoned, and that's their default position when confronted with what looks like impairment. My niece is a cop and the shit she sees day after day as a consequence of impaired driving is terrible. You've been wronged, @stopthewar654, and I can't imagine the overall humiliation you must have felt. The cop should have cut you a break. That said, I fear this is just one of those crappy things us MSers have to put up with. It ain't right, but it is what it is. Hope things are better with you.


Wow. That's, ummm, really shitty. I hope you can rectify and at minimal recieve an apology from them. I swear we need some sort of card or some shi* to show proof we have MS, because, you know, "we don't look sick"...