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Ocrevus/CV Vaccine

Hi everyone! I read today that the coronavirus vaccine won’t be effective because I’m on Ocrevus. My understanding is that my compromised immune system won’t be able to “fight” the vaccine, or give the intended response to the vaccine that will serve to protect me if I ever come into contact with the real coronavirus. I read this on the MS society website. This makes sense to me BUT, my big question is - surely that’s the case with everyone vaccine? And if so, why does my consultant and GP insist I have the flu vaccine? Surely it’s ineffective too? Does anyone know more on the subject? I am really disappointed I can’t have the vaccine.

Wondering the same here...


You can still have the vaccine! In fact my ms nurse is insisting I do, as she does with flu etc. Im sorry as I haven’t seen any information that our bodies can’t fight the vaccine, as long as it’s a non-live vaccine I thought it was fine, there are also a few people on here that take ocrevus that have already had it too! My understating is the flu vaccine is less effective on ocrevus. But it offers some immunity. Same as the covid vaccine, your body will have some memory response from the vaccine still, but won’t be as effective at fighting the infection due to the reduced B cells caused by ocrevus. Small (reduced) immunity is always better over none, as your body doesn’t have to start from scratch when attempting to fight infection. All of our white blood cells (not just B cells) work together, hence why you can still get over an infection while on ocrevus