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Has MS Affected Your Sex Life? | Animated Symptoms series

L-O-V-E. Often a difficult subject to be open about is your love life and multiple sclerosis. Shaun talks about how he has taken back control of his love life from MS in our latest Animated symptoms video. Love life isn't often talked about, but it's a big worry for a lot of people. What would you say to yourself now to answer your worries when you were diagnosed with MS? Let the Community know in the comments below 👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oV-o2h1lEE

Great video to raise awareness. I guess talking and seeking help is key👍. We are all human, and should be able to do human activities. Really important part of adult life. Important topic 👌.


There was a film about seeing a sex therapist and MS that I made with Shift MS which isn’t available any more . You can be referred via the NHS which can be helpful. The sort of answers he gave were helpful about communicating and not having an inflexible view of what sex should be like. One of the issues for women in general is orgasm with a partner and MS puts another spin on it. The therapists advice was to get to know yourself first and to think about your pleasure especially as it might have changed rather how it used to be. I had hoped he had all the answers but mostly it’s common sense. It’s a grieving process to accept that things have changed