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Optic Neuritis

Hello Everyone. I guess I am looking for some advice as I have read other similar posts regarding optic neuritis. I was diagnosed with Optic neuritis the end of October. I was having severe eye pain with eye movement and blurred vision. During this time I also developed Hand Foot Mouth disease. I thought my eye pain was associated with the hand foot mouth until I saw a neuro ophthalmologist. My vision is still blurry and my pupil is not centered in my eye. I was not put on any steroids and was told it would get better on its own. Although another doctor told me my vision loss is most likely permanent. So who knows. A few weeks ago I developed an eye ulcer in the same eye and I do not wear contacts. The ophthalmologist thought it was weird since this is typical in people who were contacts for too long or to bed. Then he suggested that I may have an autoimmune disorder. My blood work came back negative for lupus and lymes and I went for an MRI but I have braces which effected the scan. I also had a CT which wasnt able to show whatever it is the doc was looking for. Today I woke up and now my other eye is bloodshot red, sore with movements, blurred vision and a little light sensitive. I am really concerned and the doctors keep saying they dont know the cause or what is wrong and aren't offering suggestions. Are there other tests to diagnose MS other than an MRI? What else could possibly be causing these odd symptoms. I guess to ease my worries I should have my braces taken off but I just don't have the money right now. Anyone experience something similar?