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Newly Diagnosed - Ocrevus or Kesimpta?

hi everyone! I have recently been diagnosed with RR MS. I have new lesions in my brain, and they have offered either Kemsimpta or Ocrevus. I am leaning towards Ocrevus because the thought of injecting myself scares me but i wanted thoughts or advice on anyone who is on both and what are your side effects? I have lupus which was diagnosed in 2017 and just recently been diagnosed with MS :)

I've been offered both too but have decided on kesimpta, I don't like the thought of injecting myself, but prefer that to sitting in hospital for hours a day


Hi there, I was Exactky in the same mind set, and did choose ocrevus. Had my first half dosage last week and only side effect I had was aching body and very tired for the first 2 days. I’m feeling very well right now! I find having infusions in a safe medical setting is very comforting as if anything was to go wrong your in the right place and sometimes you just need that extra reassurance:)