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I know that stress is to be avoided at all costs...but it seems to be hunting me down and targeting me like a heat seeking missile. I am trying to duck and dive, to be like water and to hide my head and pretend i am not here. Nup, as soon as i open my eyes the next issue is there in my in-tray. 1. December 2017 - my own diagnosis 2. OH - Jan 2018 - June 2018 prostate cancer and surgery - just really getting back to normal 3. Mother skin cancer- Now 4 Daughter - finishing doctorate (i have been proof reading her thesis) job interviews, subsequent move in August 5. Son - relocated from Australia to Norway with new post- now settling in 6. Cat has gone missing 7. Old dog failing 8. Daughter's horse not well 9. and NOW, I am being now accused of negligent nursing practice - WTF !!!!!!!! 10. .......and i don't have any income until this is sorted out. So do I actively fight this one, thereby increasing the stress levels, or roll over and say 'whatever'? All those little, ongoing background symptoms of MS are increasing. I know this is due to stress levels hitting the roof. #feelingcrabbitfeelingbetrayedfeelingIwanttohitback

PS I am not looking for tea-n-symphony.... tell me to get off my ass and protect myself or something equally inspiring!


Well, as far as I can see it, you have only one option - which is moving forward. Easier said than done, but time won’t wait. Also - hugs are in order, doesn’t matter if you’re looking for them or not, because it does seem a lot to get in one take. But - onwards! The only thing we can do.