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Limbo land

Hi at the moment I am in limbo, I am 37 and started with pain in my hips which went on for a very long time on and off but became worse I was constantly tired and had numb feet and toes so I went to gp who referred me to the neuro I had a spinal mri which was clear in jan, since then my pain has become much worse especially at nights and has turned into a burning sensation in my legs like they are on fire, I am exhausted by afternoon and can sleep for 3 hours mid afternoon. Since I last seen neuro my balance is all over the place and I keep falling over things, sometimes it’s like am drunk it’s the only way I can describe it when am wobbly. I often find myself tripping over my words and say the wrong thing like fingers instead of toes, I often drop things at my work am constantly fighting this incredible tiredness. I am on medication for nerve pain and I have low vitamin D levels too. I am back to see neuro at the end of the month had nerve conduction studies on my legs which I was told was fine, I am at the stage I need answers as I don’t know what’s causing all of this ..... I suspect it’s ms. I am under a lot of stress at the moment and I seem to be much worse again. Would be nice to talk to people that understand how difficult this is and any tips advice would be greatly received

Hi @niteowl and welcome. We do understand how difficult it is, but we also have an appreciation of how hard it is for a Neuro to decipher the clues that has received. Unfortunately, whilst some of your symptoms are representative of MS, they do also present in various other conditions. It is the Neuro's job to "eliminate the possibles, then investigate the probables". All you can do is provide the Neuro with as much historical data of the strange symptoms you have experienced. I will pick up on one thing you said. Stress is a major cause of many neurological problems. The brain responds to stress by producing chemicals which adversely affect our Central Nervous System (CNS). Stress is most definitely best avoided. Ask yourself whether the cause of the stress is worth this affect on your health......................


Thank you, yes she did say that it’s a case of elimination of everything else first. It’s very frustrating not knowing the cause, unfortunately the cause of my stress at the moment is something I can’t control hopefully it will come to an end soon and I can get to the bottom of what’s going on with my health.