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Does anyone have any experience of this drug for nerve pain and anxiety/depression ? I've recently been prescribed 30mg of this instead of Amitriptyline 20mg and Citalopram 20mg. The Amitriptyline wasn't helping my fatigue or touching the pain. Unfortunately I'm not getting along well with Duloxetine and I feel s**t. I'm experiencing palpations and shortness of breath and feel agitated and anxious. I've reported this to my Gp and MS nurse. Gp has reduced dose and asked that I let him know if it's effective for my pain. Ms nurse hasn't got back to me yet. I don't think I can cope on this drug either physically or mentally. Should I persevere and hope side effects subside or go back to Amitriptyline at a higher dose for the pain and and the Citalopram which really helped me mentally ? Thanks

I took Duloxetine for over a year to treat depression, it was a nasty drug and made me even more unwell. I found that the agitation especially after taking the dose was really tough. If it's not working for you keep letting doctors know, I hope they can offer a better alternative that will help you!


Thanks for your reply @Astrid and sorry to hear of your experience with this drug too. Ms nurse got back to me yesterday and advised me to stop taking Duloxetine immediately because of my side effects. He is writing to my Gp to go back on Citalopram and Amitriptyline. In the meantime as I have some of my original meds left to start them again today. Now just waiting for results of my latest MRI 🤞 Luckily I'm seeing my Neurologist face to face on Monday. Take care