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Finally after 2.5 years I've received a formal diagnosis. This was not a shock to me as my Neurologist had said after my first MRI it couldn't be anything else. Following my latest MRI the Radiologist found a new brain lesion described by my Neurologist as "tiny" and that he wasn’t convinced. My Neuro took my scans to a multi disciplinary team meeting for a 2nd opinion and they agreed with the Radiologist. I've been offered Copaxone which you self inject. He said this has the least nasty side effects of the DMTs and would mean I'm not immuno suppressed. He seems to think this drug would be best for me given my age (60). All my previous MRIs have shown lesions in brain and c spine lesions / demylination in areas you would expect for MS but no new lesions until my latest MRI. As there is active MS are there any better options in your experience? I will discuss with my MS nurse but wondered if any one had any advice please ? Many thanks

I just finished reading your post and I was really angry! The that you were treated was incredibly lacking. I hope you are able to find a neurologist that you can a mutual respect for each other, this is a life-- long illness. You deserve no less!


Some charities have an online table to compare DMTs. This can be helpful to understand the treatment options and all the side effects involved. The NHS will only offer certain drugs, and therefore there will be criteria that will be required before being offered more drugs i.e. amount of illness, progression and disability. This usually means the more the damage and progression the better the DMT. This is known as the escalation model of treatment, rather than using a deescalation model.