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Which are your top drugs/supplements?

Hi all i have a question for you: If you have to safe two drugs/supplents what would they be? in my case I would take: vitamin D (only because i had a densitometry and my bones are not getting any worse), magnesium chloride ( it seems to ease spasciticy) Maybe: fingolimod, lipoic acid and simvastatin ( only because i don't know how much worse i would be without them) No: omega3 oil, and b12 because i felt no difference And you? Xx



lipoic acid & b vitamin complex



I have four-monthly B12 injections because I have pernicious anaemia anyway. I was diagnosed with this before the MS diagnosis was made, but it does help with tiredness. I have also been taking Starflower Oil supplements since I was diagnosed. Multivitamins with ginseng also give me a boost of energy too I find... sorry, that's three!