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Tysabri causes serve headaches

Hi all, I can't believe that this is my 45th Tysabri infusion which I take every 4 weeks - whoopi! I must say that it has been good in terms of reducing the amount of relapses that I have had. I remember being on Capaxone and I only lasted 2 months on it until it made my face look like a monster, my body hot like fire and I couldn't breathe properly. Anyway, back to Tysabri I have a major problem which has impacted even more on my day life and that is the serve headaches that I have been recieving. These headaches last for not only days but sometimes weeks. Is anyone else out there on Tysabri and experienced the similar problems?

i have only had three tysabri infusions to date. My next is due this week. My first 2 made me sick and extremely tired. My third, I suffered from an intense headache straight after the infusion for 24 hours. The pain then went down to my neck and i suffered intense pain for a couple of days. I will await to see what my next symptoms are and if these headaches continue...


I've had 7 infusions of tysabri so far and I've gotten headaches every time. The first few infusions resulted in full blown migraines, and put me in bed for a couple of days afterwards. However they seem to be easing, they still knock me around, but aren't quite as intense. I started getting acupuncture and massage the day after my infusion and this seems to help take some of the sting out of the headaches. My acupuncturist also suggested that I load up on water and vitamin c in the days leading up to the infusion. As I said, still getting headaches, but no where near as bad as they were to start with. Good luck, hope this helps.