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Hi - I’ve seen a few posts recently asking about exercise recommendations and just wanted to share that I’ve been doing yoga for last six months and it’s really working in terms of increasing my flexibility and improving my balance. There’s lots of free YouTube beginner videos and sources on the internet. I do online yoga with Veronique Gauthier (not free - her website is Taming the Walrus if you want to have a look). She has had MS herself for twenty-ish years though you wouldn’t know it! She does 1:1s if you’re a very beginner but the group classes are cheaper! Just wanted to share because I think yoga is going to play a big part in keeping me fit and well hopefully!

Hope this is ok. Just to mention the woman I said about above (Veronique) is running q free class on 21st June in case anyone wants to sign up for it… Wednesday 21st, at 6 pm for a special free 45 min class for International Yoga Day. It will be a 'soft' 45 min class with gentle movements, lots of breathing and relaxing. To sign up, go to: https://momence.com/Taming-the-Walrus/International-Yoga-Day/86937611 Please share the link if you know anyone who might enjoy it.