MS awareness video

Hi everyone, I'm currently working to put together a short PSA style animated video about MS. I've mentioned on here before that I graduated from film school and was previously working in film before my diagnosis. Since then I haven't been able to do that, and I've been trying to think of new ways to express myself creatively. I'm coming up on my one year "anniversary" of being diagnosed, and I still get a lot of "what is MS?" which made me think, why not make a short video explaining just that. Something done in a light hearted, and sometimes humorous way, that people wont see as preachy. It's also my way of saying to the world that I myself have MS, which I haven't been totally open about just yet, but I feel its time to do just that! Anyways, I'm currently working on finding the right person to help me with the animation side of things, and writing the voice over script, but i wanted to ask, what would you like to hear in something like this? What do you feel you'd like to get across to the world about MS? Any contributions would be appreciated :) Thanks, Melissa