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Exercise with *some* reward

Last Thursday, I set out to start exercising regularly again. Before my first major episode, I went to the gym 3-4 times per week, and had set up an at-home alternative in the form of weights and exercise-based videogames. I became fatigued so quickly after my most recent major episode that just doing errands or making minimal physical effort for 10 minutes was exhausting... but it got better since then, so I figured I'd start it up again. It was great! I felt good and was in a good mood the whole evening afterwards. B U T I've never been so sore for so long after a workout, even after intense gym workouts where I went way too far! It might sound like the kind of thing you say when you get older, but it feels really different. Two days later and I still walk like I just stepped off a horse after a 3 hour ride. Is it only because it's been a while? Is it maybe made worse because of MS? Either way, I'm thankful that the pandemic means I wasn't going anywhere...

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