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I recently got distracted this past December. After dealing with symptoms...speech issues...feeling my head tense up/roller coaster...using a walker. And now I went from being a school manager to being a stay st home mom (1 and 4) now I'm considered legally blind and just feel so stuck. Don't get me wrong I love my girls but I'm not able to do fun things with them like I imagined. Also it's frustrating because I haven't started any medication yet and I don't even know what type of ms I have. And I don't know I'm just feeling stuck and alone and really irritated.

Totally get this feeling of doing lots, then reducing. For me, relying on others to help, can be challenging. I want help and want independence. So hard. All the best. Venting is good for the soul 👍.


Hi @klinville97 I hear how frustrated you're feeling and whilst I'm not a mum, I can relate to your feeling of being stuck. Advise you to contact your MS team, as they're the ones that can help with medication and getting to the bottom of what type of MS you have.