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Running causing flare-up….

Are there any regular runners on here? I wonder, have you ever come to the conclusion that the rise in your body temperature that results from this exercise is responsible for an imminent flare-up of symptoms? This morning I felt like every stride was the same as going down a step, only to feel like climbing back up two steps. My head was spinning and I felt as though I could not focus just to keep in a straight line. The fatigue I've got used to experiencing every 2 minutes seems to now be combined with spinning head and serious brain fog, along with heavy tingling limbs. How do you stick to your running habit?!

I Havnt felt anything like that and run most weekdays. Is it particularly hot where you are recently ?


It’a been raining but quite humid. The weakness has been a part of running for a while (a stark contrast to previously being used to going strong for a good hour or two - now it’s no more than five minutes before it kicks in). But my balance hasn’t come into play before, or the spinning sensation. Actually like being drunk. My vision was a slightly blurry too. But the run seemed to set it off. It’s only just starting to fade after about 6 hours. Before this my brain and limbs just felt wiped 🤪