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Possible Flare-up

I've been experiencing pain in both of my eyes like my very last optic neuritis flare-up where I have pain but haven't experienced loss of vision or vision changes. The pain is in both of my eyes this time but is behaving in a very similar way. My neurologist gave me a Medrol/prednisolone pack even though she thought it might be a headache that settled in my eyes but agreed to do an MRI orbit just in case. I am on the medication, but it doesn't seem to be relieving the pain completely. My neuro-ophthalmologist was concerned about my eye pressure when I saw in in December and wants to see me back in April to make sure I don't develop glaucoma, and I'm not sure that this could possibly be that instead (though, again, my vision is unaffected.) Has anyone ever experienced what they thought was a flare-up but could be many different things, and steroids didn't help? I'm on my third day of the pack and the pain got worse but it's now lessening to what it was before I even began the medicine. At this point I feel like my only option is to finish the medicine and see what the MRI says. By then it will be close enough to my neuro-ophthalmologist appointment so hopefully it can be solved eventually.

I’d probably finish the steroid treatment and then regroup with your doctor. I’ve never had the optic symptoms, but I will say early in my diagnosis I tried steroids IV in home several times. I did not feel any relief in my symptoms from the steroids. However, once my doctor prescribed Cymbalta and Lyrica, it made my workday manageable and took the sensory pain and really reduced the disruption and sensation. Best of luck to you in finding the best possible treatment. Glad to meet you today!😀