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Raising money, donations welcome :)

I have had a tough few months after my lemtrada round 1, caught a cold in January which became a chest infection so was off work for 4 weeks. I then went back and had been fighting work to allow me to drop my Saturday shift as I am really struggling with it. Occupational health that in the long term my hours need to be looked at but work took that as they should look at it down the line "once my condition deteriorates". I phoned OH to double check what they meant and they wanted to looked it now, not down the line. I was in the process of continuing my grievance to the formal process and had asked for another occupational health referral however while filling in the form and feeling like work just weren't helping me I suffered a flare up and was signed off work in March for another 4 weeks. During my time off I had a phone OH appointment with a doctor this time and he was great and has been exceedingly clear and thorough on the form sent to my work so I'm hoping they will actually take notice this time. Happier news though through all this, I did a bungee swing in March and I will be doing a skydive on the 23rd of April (a week on Monday!) To raise money for MS Society Scotland. I'm sitting at £940 and am really hoping to reach £1000 (or more lol). I have a just giving page if anyone would like to contribute Www.justgiving.com/juliamilligan I have photos and a video of my bungee swing and I plan to get my skydive filmed (wonder how much skin I will see flapping about on my face haha) If anyone does contribute thank you so much. I hope you are all well and I'll post another lemtrada update soon since I'm 6 months post round one. :) x

@juliacemilligan , you have had a tough few months. The infections, then the stress of the situation at work, won't have helped you at all. You do need to avoid stress. Sometimes, you have to ask yourself whether a situation is worth damaging your health......... Anyway, there is a reason why there's a second round of Lemtrada. So, good luck with it. Now, where's this video of your bungee swing? :wink: PS I removed your duplicate post.


@stumbler Yeah I am beginning to wonder that myself, not worth getting so stressed over a job. I'm going to see how they react to the new occupational health report and take it from there. Thank you very much for your donation! Getting so close to the £1000 mark :) The photos and video of the bungee swing can be seen here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10216119819171772&id=1339238719 Thanks for removing the duplicate post, I couldn't work out how to do it and didn't want to look like I was spamming lol x