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MS update. MMS(Chlorine Dioxide) Magic

Hey Everyone. Just wanted to update you about eating and diagnosis. I have been gluten free and almost all dairy free for 2 weeks and I think it's been helping. My MRI came back clean but I finally got into our Naturopath and I have Lyme disease not Ms. I went blind for a bit in one eye and lost all use of one hand another day for about 5 mins. An old friend found out I have Lyme and he told me to trust him and to go on a product called MMS. Miracle Mineral Supplement, also the baby formula brand is chlorine dioxide. I said a desperate man would try anything once so he got me the baby stuff which is wimpy but he eased me into it so I didn't get sick and quit. 7 days my joint pain lessened atleast 50%, my 3 week headache went away, I started sleeping thru the night, my jerkiness went away, I didn't have to pee every 30 mins and not at all at night either and my energy was increasing. 2 days ago he moved me into the real stuff and I was exhausted because I could feel the bacteria(pathogens) dying off and I was super tired but didn't get sick. 3 days ago I was forgetting everything and driving to the wrong place and felt like I had so many neurological symptoms and last night something gave in my head and I feel some poison certainly left my brain. I encourage all of you to research this product. The crazy thing is it's pretty much free so you know it's not about the money. My buddy says the cost of what I took so far was about one dollar. I will add some links. I spent about 30-40 hrs reading testimonies etc and it fixes a lot of ailments. I truly believe it will help all of you a tonne. Please consider it. To order its about 50$ for a year supply. Info goto. Jim humble.is http://mmstestimonials.is/ To learn more about side effects and Lyme incase misdiagnosed. http://www.veoh.com/m/watch.php?v=v21055812yWtmpgB8 Simply I just know how awful these symptoms can leave us and this product is really helping me so If only one of you listen and give it a try and post on here what it's doing for you then more will ppl will want to try it. My friend told me to follow the money! Clearly nobody is getting rich at 10 cents a day for the product. I was bed ridden for over a month. Today I was at work for 7 hrs already. I'm going to get my life back becuz of this stuff. Here is a link of this product curing 154 ppl In Yuganda with Malaria. 24 hrs they got retested and all were better. We all have these same bacteria in us called Sphiroketes. Red Cross knows it but the cost to cure malaria Is 10 cents and the big pharmas charge 787$ for malaria pills and takes 6 weeks to cure. This takes 4 oz of water and 15 drops of MMS. It's fixed my brain fog 50% and I'm only at 3 drops and working my way up to 15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8&sns=em God Bless u all

<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">Chlorine dioxide is an industrial bleach!</span></strong> The Miracle Mineral Supplement mentioned has been widely discredited. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2010/sep/15/miracle-mineral-solutions-mms-bleach


Widely discredited by who? CNN. The media fakes getting paid by the big pharmas because this product works!! CHLORINE DIOXIDE IS FAR FROM BLEACH. this video has MD doctors from Tijuana Mexico explaining the difference and why it is healing everyone on it. Be careful who you listen to guys. I have some red flags up for this Stumbler character. I'm not selling this product, I'm merely telling you what it's doing For me! Discrediting something from an article that doesn't want the product out that's basically free seems almost enough right there for me to want to try it. Basically whatever the media tells you these days just do the opposite and you have a fighting chance! Google Kerry Rivera MMS. She's in the medical field and 380 children have been taking this so called "industrial Bleach" as Stunbler would put it and have been entirely healed of Autism and 1000's more symptoms lessened.