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Stiffness - MS?

I tend to babble so I'll try to be as concise as possible! My legs feel stiff and tight when I get up from a sitting position, and then they just feel tired, slightly heavy, after I'm stretched out & have walked a bit. This is constant. I also have a very sore tailbone (getting an MRI on that next week, it's been going on for nearly a year & is becoming unbearable), that could be the cause of the sore legs? I'm wondering if this is an MS thing or if it could be just the tailbone? I don't want everything to be MS. And this might not be. But the legs definitely feel different recently than they have in the past. I have a sedentary job, but when I'm at home I do move around a lot, walking the dog long distances, hiking, etc. So it's not a lack of use thing! Also, a general question: I do not have the MS hug or spasticity (unless that's what this leg thing is??)... are those things you can have at any time just as a result of having MS? Or are they tied to lesions? Thanks! Michelle