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Question about depression

Good morning from the states! I have a question about MS depression. I have experienced moments of what I think is depression over the last year or so. I had postpartum depression when my son was born 15 years ago (for a very short time... maybe 2-3 days), so I think I recognize what it feels like. Every so often, I get this feeling of huge sadness. Like I want to sit down and cry (although I haven't done that). I feel like a black cloud of doom is hanging over me, and I can't shake it. It doesn't last long - a few hours. I try to shake it off - walking the dog sometimes helps, or trying to immerse myself in something I don't normally do, so I'm distracted (like rearranging the house, my husband just loves that!). I know depression is an issue you need to be seen for when it lasts longer or is more severe. But what's up with this periodic sadness I'm having? It comes out of nowhere. It's not due to anything bad in my life, things are really good right now. Is this how it starts, should I expect it'll get worse? Have any of you experienced this and what did you do? This isn't a daily thing, thankfully. I would estimate maybe once every 2-3 weeks or even less. But it hits hard. It's like all of a sudden, I feel like I've lost a loved one or something, you know what I mean? It's awful. Thank you for listening to me ramble & I really appreciate anybody who wants to share their experience with this! - Michelle

Hello, United States of America! I can't really speak about depression with any great claim. But I see from your profile you were diagnosed in the last few years and that you are clearly an active, zippy character. MS diagnosis requires a colossal amount of processing and I think we forget how much strain we give our brains adapting to this whole way of being, even without the additional symptoms that MS brings us. I have found that, whilst I have worked really hard to remain balanced in all ways, moods, for good or bad, are a little more extreme nowadays. Like you, relatively short-lived though. Sorry this isn't much help, but you're not alone across the big pond.....:-)


Hi fellow USA MSer! @isaacson72 - I can totally relate! I was a very active mom with a sunny disposition. I would get out of the blue gloom and doom - unrelated to what was going on. I had extreme fatigue hit me in the same way. I decided both must be from MS, in retrospect. There's no way to know how your cognitive symptoms will progress - but I can say that mine did not. I do still get a few of those depressive episodes, but it didn't progress to being more frequent or more severe. I think it makes you reevaluate coping skills - and I especially relate to you rearranging the house! That is me to a tee!! Made me laugh! Blessings to you - keep up your active lifestyle and I hope you continue to be in a great place. These are the most joyous times of life. My kids are young adults on their own, one with a couple little ones - but I still love being mom.