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Dealing with stress?

I'm sure this has been covered on this site many times, so I apologize if this is very redundant. I scrolled through a few pages of comments but didn't see anything recent so I thought I'd ask. I have a very high stress job. I have a very busy teenager at home (who is also being bullied I learned yesterday, that just breaks my heart), and lots of family around (so lots of family events, which shouldn't be stressful, but trying to pack it all in IS stressful). My job mainly is the killer. I do not have the option right now of quitting & finding something else, for monetary reasons. Plus I do actually love my job, there is just too much of it. What do you all do to alleviate stress? I understand I'm supposed to avoid it. I do have the Headspace app and have been trying meditation but I'm not good at sticking to that. I enjoy puzzles, I find them relaxing so I do that but it's just not enough. I get headaches almost every day now, despite being on medication that is supposed to help get rid of them. Just curious how you all do with this part of this disease, how you handle it, some ideas for relaxation, carving out time specifically to reduce stress, etc. Thanks, Michelle