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Since I was diagnosed (November 2011) I usually have insomnia at least once a week... and It isnt always in the same day, so really I dont know why this happens. I had insomnia two days straight before I went to the hospital, when I had a relampse (nausea and dizzyness) and it was horrible, because I was sooo tired and couldnt sleep :( Now I'm fine, and I dont have depression or nothing like that, but some days I cant sleep... and it's 2 am...3 am.... 4 am and I start to feel desperate and cry... and that doesnt help at all. I try to relax but its stronger than me. Anyone else has insomnia? It is normal, or it's my subconscious trying to tell me something? :(

Evening <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/inesmartins/' rel='nofollow'>@inesmartins</a>, Yes I too get this from time to time. For me it doesnt really have a reason why it happens, but its incredibly frustrating!!! I have had to go 5 days/4 nights in the past with no sleep - I was a walking zombie !!!! I get 2 to 3 times a year I get 2 or 3 nights with zero sleep. I agree, very very frustrating !!


I had real trouble too around the same time as you, so tired with fatigue yet not having a good nights sleep at all. My nurse recommended amitriptyline before bed and it was so nice to have a normal (well, as normal as it can be) nights sleep again, I know pills don't work the same for everyone but it might be worth a try. Before, you'd feel the effects the next day of a good nights sleep, not so much anymore but it definitely helped with some anxiety and generally being a bit more calm and less frustrating.