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Recent neurology appointment - questions at the end!

So had my appointment with my neurologist to discuss a few things especially how my journey so far on Ocrelizumab so far has been. He said it’s seems that the 3 lesions on my brain have shrunk and they are stable. He is also extremely happy with how the ocrelizumab (infusions) are working. There is new information out that suggests that I won’t need to change medication to get pregnant and he recommends waiting around 2 months after my infusion to start trying and they will keep a close eye on me during pregnancy and they can still give me it while pregnant if needed - if not I’ll get an infusion after I’ve given birth. I’ve felt a whirlwind of emotions since this appointment and feel like a huge weight has come off my shoulders. Anyone had any issues regarding pregnancy with MS in general?

Great news about the lesions and the new information on the treatment 👍🏼


@Shirmizle thank you! I really appreciate it