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Living with Endemic Covid on Ocrevus/Rituxan

Hi guys! I’m wondering where everyone’s thoughts are on continuing with your anti-CD20 meds given the world just kind of pretending like Covid no longer exists at this point. Do you plan to continue and just roll the dice with Covid? Switch to another medication? Lock yourself inside your house for the rest of your life? Any thoughts are appreciated as I’m still up in the air about continuing with rituximab or asking to switch over to Tysabri.

Never got vaccinated, caught covid twice first time hit me hard, 2nd time didn't hit me as bad I got well in 5 days. I'm on rituximab and I'm having my second infusion next month, idk if it's working or not. Still living my life to the fullest because I'm not promised tomorrow 🤙🏽


I had covid Jan 2021, and dealt with it really well, with mild symptoms. I have not had vaccines (well, had first, but made my symptoms worse) and have lived life as normal as I have been allowed to. Not worn worn mask since July (I believe they do more harm than good) have socialised with friends and family etc. I personally don't want to waste time hiding away, and agree with above comment, tomorrow is promised to nobody. Its personal choice, but I feel I would rather get on with things I enjoy than constantly worry about covid..... we have enough to worry about already. 🧡