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Morning All, below is my story, nobody has offered me any advice other than possible virus or vertigo but thanks to having 3 months with no help i decided to do some research and i've found myself here. Can anyone offer any advice as to if i could have MS and how i get taken seriously? End of November i woke up and jumped out of bed and immediately fell over, my legs couldnt hold me and my balance was cock off, i thought id just got up too quick, but it happened another few times before i left for work. Driving to work i couldnt help thinking that the white line in the centre of the road had moved, and i was clipping kerbs (really shouldnt of driven i dont think) when i got to work, (i have been able to type without looking at keys since i was 18, im 30 now) i couldnt hit the right keys, everything felt and looked like it had shifted to the left a few inches, couldnt see keys on my phone or anything. Additionally felt dizzy, balance was off, words felt like they were falling over each other and i couldnt do jobs i have been capable of doing my entire adult life. I went to the gps that day and they said i could have a virus or vertigo. I left without any medication or anything. I continued to struggle, unable to open bottles, my right side feeling like it needed to over compensate to be able to lift things, confusion, frustration and fear. I visited A&E the following week as i still felt the same, they did a million tests on me but said they couldnt figure it out. at this point it was the feeling everything had shifted right, and my co ordination for example if i tried to touch my eye, i would poke it because it felt like it had moved, that was the issue, i was not longer dizzy but felt like i was getting better in the sense of getting used to where my vision was now, still walking into doors where i was misjudging gaps etc. They sent me to a neurologist who again said she couldnt see anything wrong, maybe a virus but would send me for am mri just in case it was a stroke. I have had this now and been told my results are with my gp, i cant get in for two weeks but my symptoms have changed and since my new one last week. (vertigo when lying down and getting up, and a vibrating pulsing senstation in my bottom and legs when i bend my neck) i can see a lot of similarities in these and the symptonms of ms. i am taking all the above info and the below list of ailments to my gp. The balance and sight issues are 'better' but i feel i have just got used to them, not that they improved. I am left with the following ailments Lack of conentration fatigue confusion bad memory vibrating when looking down pins and needles in right leg dizziness when lying down and getting up sensitive to bright lights and loud noises constant headaches clumsy sensitive, easily upset angered Can anyone offer any advice? Im going crazy stressing out. I assume if my MRI results are clear, they will kick the idea of me having MS out, even though i read you dont soley diganose it on the mri results? What do i need to stress to my gp?
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