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Website - help us be better?

Hey everyone 👋 We’re always looking for ways to improve our service so that you have the support you need. As you can see, we’ve recently updated our website to ensure we can continue to provide support for many more MSers in the future. We had many issues with the previous site related to speed, using Wordpress to host the site and other user experience problems. Wordpress had been perfect for us for so long, but as the community grew, the technical demands grew with it and Wordpress started to break down more, highlighting a need to move to a new platform with opportunity to grow. However, as with all new things, we've had some teething issues, which we're working on continually. I'm sorry that we didn’t let you know that this change was coming. We hold our hands up and acknowledge that we should have communicated this with you. What we do want you to know is that the site is by no means finished. We've been watching and listening to your comments and posts and are currently working on fixing issues related to login, messaging and profile pictures. Our dev team is working their way through this list as we speak. This is your site. Your feedback matters to us. We want to work with you so that the site fulfils your needs. We’re not Facebook, we’re a small team just on the other side of the screen that really cares if something isn't working for you. Whilst our size might mean that things happen a little slower, it also means you can talk to the people who are actually working on the site to make it better. If you’ve already contacted us via forum post, email or form, please bear with us as we make our way through requests. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can keep updated on what we’re looking to fix here: https://shift.ms/support/shift-ms-5-development-log Thank you all for your patience. George

I really struggled with signing in, and am relieved now I have finally done it, with the help of the extremely patient Millar, to find I am not the only one. Several regulars seem to changed their names, too,I thought for a while that I would have to do that, but was saved by your timely intervention. So I really hate all this email stuff, and am getting confused when people try to help others on the site by telling them where to look for things, but the layout is different depending on the bit of kit you are using. BUT it made me realise how important this forum is to me, because when I was totally unable to access it for a couple of days, I missed it so much. So I hope the problems are ironed out and I would love not to have to use email a dozen times to get in, but carry on doing the great job you do.


Indeed @gpeps, all the furore, including the negative comments/reactions ultimately show just how highly valued Shift is. It's heartening to see that it means so much to folks. Thanks for the feedback to the feedback! Good luck with all the activity behind the scenes! :-)