5. Development Log is a work in progress. Check back here to see what we've been up to and what we're working on. And please report issues or share your thoughts on improvements using the link in the sidebar below.

5.0 Release Notes

06.10.20 - Hello World

  • Login Issues
    - Fixed - Log in button prevalence and visibility increased throughout the site.
    - Fixed - Logged in users will now be automatically forwarded from to to avoid "go to app" pain point.
    - Working on - Issue in log in process allowing users to progress even when they provide invalid credentials.
    - Working on - Login flow has been reviewed and Sign up vs Login issues has been identified. Working on a fix to keep the two paths separate.
  • Messaging
    - Working on - Implementing direct message email notification setting in a users profile
  • Profile Picture
    - Fixed - For all of those that both lost their profile pic in the DB migration and were lost as to how to update it we have now added a tool tip to an individuals profile to guide them in.

Known Bugs

  • Forwarding from to requires a page load before it identifies the users logged in state.
  • When we push an update, some users will have a blank stream, this is fixed by a refresh.
  • Logging into the site providing an account when you signed up with an @gmail account and visa vera will lead to a new sign up rather than sign in.
  • There is some errant text and menu styling that has escaped our reviews.
  • Film recommendations aren't always coming through.