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Diagnosis - a new direction for my life

Hi all I've only just been diagnosed with RRMS. Came as a huge shock as I thought it may have been an issue with my eyes - Nystagmus - that was what my neurologist said at first before further investigation. Obviously after MRI's and lumber spine it was confirmed. My heads been in a spin and possibly will be for a while coming to the realisation of this been a lifetime illness. My wife is a radiographer and saw my scans and what appeared and while remaining hopeful until the neurologist confirmed the diagnosis after the lumbar and all else. It's been less than a month between my initial issues to diagnosis so it's been quite the development health-wise for me. Especially as we are due our first child in 8 weeks. So my mind has been all over the place. Being told I can live a normal life for the most part is a huge weight off my mine all things considered especially with junior on the way. I'm often one too say "it is what it is" especially if things don't turn out as hoped. That's what I said when my neurologist said what he said. It's what I've been saying to myself because what else can I say. Life will go on. There will be bumps in the road but will get there.

Give urself some time & space to process it bet part of u is still numb. That’s a pretty quick diagnosis must have come as a shock to both u & ur partner. Baby will be another 1, 2022 is turning out to be a hell of yr for u!!!! Just breath and take everything one step at a time and remember whatever ur feeling whenever that is, is justified & normal (same as being a parent) no rule book. Do urself a favour try not to google u will scare urself to death and ms is a very individual condition no two ppl with ms are the same so other ppls experiences won’t be the same as urs. Remember ms nurse, gp and neuro are there to manage anything u need in terms of concerns, symptoms, treatments, meds and this site is quite supportive pretty much everyone on here has ms, so there will always usually be someone around who gets it even when u don’t. So welcome to the club 👋and if there’s anything u need remember there’s always a post that u can make p.s ms trust and ms society are great websites for info (again in moderation though) 😉👍


Oh….. forgot to mention check out the buddy network on here for newly diagnosed it’s another avenue if u think it’s something that might help at some stage. Take care of urself & good luck with everything 🙂