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Rebismart - Device Failure

Hello friendly friends, So I was trying to take my medication this morning but I'm getting a warning message. When it boots up I get a 'Device Failure. Call your Dr or nurse'. If I try to inject the same thing happens. If I remove the cartridge it says I need do the needle detachment even though no needle is there. I try to that and the device shuts off. I recently change MS nurse so I do not have the mobile of a Doctor or nurse to call. I've never missed an injection either so I'm of missing a day. I'm wondering has anyone had this issue?

@fily55 , have you tried changing the batteries in the device? I only ask this as I found an occurrence of a Rebismart failure and this was the solution. If you do need to locate/call your MS Nurse, then you can normally locate them here:- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/understanding-ms/living-ms/map-ms-services


Hi @strumbler, I tried that already but no luck. I might give it another shot with other batteries maybe. Im afraid I'm in Ireland so that link wouldn't work. I tried to get in contact with my nurse by no luck with that either.