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Hiya. I'm currently going through the PIP process but have been denied the mobility enhanced rate and therefore will lose my car! Motability have been great and agreed to leave the car with me while the DWP revisit their decision but if they decide they made the right decision then the car will be collected while I start the appeal process. I thought I would keep a blog on this so hope it's ok to post it here and see if anyone is interested in it. Down with PIP – PIP is ruining lives but I'm fighting for mine! https://downwithpip.wordpress.com/

Hi! I am from the states. What does PIP stand for?


@avengr13 , PIP is the UK disability benefit, the Personal Independence Payment. As the UK's welfare bill has become so large, an "across-the-board" re-assessment is being carried out. The terms of reference of this re-assessment is not patently clear and there is a feeling that it is an arbitrary cost-cutting exercise. So, some re-assessment decisions are "questionable" and some are just plain wrong! This is an unwelcome cause of stress to UK MS sufferers. And we know what stress can do to us!