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PIP screwed me over! Surprised?!

Well I've been informed I got the lower rate of the mobility and so my car will be collected by the 17th. The anger I feel is indescribable! I could see it coming the more I read, the form questions and from the assessment. I'm fighting it all the way though. Sent emails to MPs, MSPs and media to see if I get a bite but so far just told things will be better when the welfare powers come to Scotland. Told dwp to revisit their decision and explained why I think they are wrong (somehow 10 steps turned into between 20-50 metres!) In the meantime though due to the problems I have acquired physically over the last decade it means public transport is a no go so I have had to leave my job of 10 years. I have no idea how I'm meant to get to my hospital appointment next month never mind get out of these four walls. I'm racing and refuse to just sit quietly. Has the new PIP system thrown anybody else's life into the gutter?