Hi all

Hi all sorry if not been on much, been busy getting into some music and trying to put ms behind me (lol not easy huh!). I've been offered dmd's now and my fave choices are rebif or copaxone, probably gonna go with the copaxone as it's had very favorable results from people on here. The ms has really kickstarted me back into music proper cos I figure make the most of what able body (upper at any rate) I have left while there's time sorta thing. I've done a couple of sound cloud uploads of stuff I've been working on lately. http://soundcloud.com/f3ng5hu1/johnny-b-goode-piano-cover http://soundcloud.com/f3ng5hu1/bohemian-rhapsody The Queen ones still a work in progress (notably i need higher vocal range in the opera bit lol) For anyone who has to spend a lot of time at home, you may like secondlife.com I have found it a great way to meet new friends and they have clubs with live DJ's and live venues (Beyonce played using her SL avatar on there yesterday as it happens, not my kinda thing but saw a bit of it). Started doing some live shows myself just to see how things go. Anyways, big hug to everyone, don't let this thang that puts shivers down the spine (to quote freddie xD) get us down!