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Hair thinning Extavia

hello everyone :) I was wondering if anyone has experienced hair thinning on interferon beta 1b (I'm currently on Extavia) From what i understand/I have read it appears to be a rare-ish side effect of this type of medication, but I am interested to see if anyone personally has had this issue too, to relate to and discuss. if hair thinning on beta interferon applies to you: - was this temporary/did it subside after a while? -any tips to keep hair looking and feeling healthier? -would a specific vitamin be of benefit perhaps? I would be most grateful for your insights/experiences many thanks indeed

@elliefaye yes I noticed losing a bit of hair when I was taking tecfidera. I’m not sure if it’s the same but ya hair loss thank goodness I am blessed with a mop for hair ha.


@elliefaye , there's been a few entries regarding hair loss on various DMTs. Use the Forum Search (magnifying glass, top right) and enter "hair loss".