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Dear Mr Sunshine

Dear Mr Sunshine, I’m writing to complain about you and the fact that even tho I need my Vitamin D, I’m now bored of being baked to death by your rays. As a dedicated sun dodger I have done your job for you and found a solution to my complaint (solution to follow at the end of my angry rant and waffleing on like a tit). I live and have stayed in England on the premise of it being “a little bit nice” every nown again. The heat that you are creating has not only scrambled me eggs but it is trying to take away my legs too this is not acceptable. I sincerely mean that I now think your taking the p*ss and the only solution I can muster is for you to take that fecking hat of yours, shove it up thi thasshoyal, eat sh1t and feck you in each eye at least twice you big yellow looking ****. Cheers DoubleOHUD