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Primary Progressive MS - A touch Lost

Hello all, Well I don't know where to begin!? Guess I should start here. Joined this site nearly 4 years ago just after I was diagnosed. I have had this thing approximately 20 years. Not on any medication, not that there seems to be much, the same as help with this - not much. I suppose when I was diagnosed with this I just got on with it, although it answered a lot of questions as to why I didn't appear to be normal. Over the years the symptoms have got progressively worse and I'm not sure how much longer I can ignore them! I was made redundant from my job of 15 years where I was a Manager. Have leave it there about that. How does everyone cope with not being able to do what they once could? I accept I need help now but there seems to be a road block in pretty much everything you try to do/claim. I need to help support my family! As the title suggests 'A touch lost' maybe a 'Whole lot lost!' This is just my experience wrong or right. Vent Over.