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Newly Diagnosed.. I think

Feel like I’m in limbo land at the moment which is frustrating. I have an appointment with my neurologist on 20th Sept to discuss my lumbar puncture results, although he’s sent my GP a letter with results and copied me in. MRI showed 4 lesion on my brain Lumbar Puncture confirms “multiple oligoclonal bands” in my CSF but none in serum. My main symptoms were fatigue and weakness in my left leg and arm which has restricted me from running. I also experience a burning sensation and pain on the soles of my feet. I appreciate I should be patient but I’m struggling as it’s nearly a month wait. I think I meet McDonald criteria?

@cwe33, you’re in Limboland which is worse than an actual diagnosis. You know what you’re up against then. CNS symptoms are v difficult to diagnose as so many conditions are similar, so it seems it’s a question of elimination . I waited several years for mine. 😐 Bear with them Take care xx


Consider a second opinion as well if the neuro isn't a "MS specialist"...it is a pretty big diagnosis and you will want someone you have confidence in...