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Hiyaaa, I'm 21 years old- final year student nurse living in Leeds. I was diagnosed with RRMS in June 2019, and was advised to choose from Tecfidera and Ocrevus. It was such a tricky decision but decided to go for Ocrevus- has anyone else been on this for first line treatment? and what have your experiences been?



@cazsmith Hi and welcome to the club. If you look under your post there is a box marked Ocrevus  and tecfidera That'll take you to other posts made about them. I'm on Tec but would like to move onto Ocrevus as it seems to be the better choice of the two. Wish you luck 😀



@highlander thanks so much!! V useful to know, all the best to you too :)



@lukezni oh thanks, that's very reassuring! I keep reading so much online and scaring myself haha but I guess everyone reacts differently. Glad it went well for you, how are you feeling after your second dose? Was it your first treatment?



@lukezni oh it really is! Having to process the diagnosis and decide treatment within a few weeks is overwhelming! Sounds like you've made the right choice for you though :) I'll let you know how it goes thanks so much for your help!!



I choose Ocrevus, I have my second half on Tuesday. Had no problems with the infusion and have felt relatively normal since the first half, good luck!



I’m taking my second half next week but ever since I’ve gotten it I’ve been pretty fatigued an I can’t really walk to long before I start to stagger too but that’s probably cause I was taking predizone for the past 4 months so it’s gonna take awhile for my body to adjust to ocrevus I guess but best of luck



@pippa87 aw I'm glad that you've found it ok! All the best with your second dose, keep us updated!



@dawson-mcwatch I'm sorry to hear that, I've read a few people say they've had fatigue post infusion! Hope it improves for you once your body adjusts to the change



I was diagnosed in March & chose to start on ocrevus in May - I had both half doses & felt completely fine afterwards. Due to have my next lot in October. Good luck 😊😊😊xx



@cazsmith I just had my first 1/2 infusion on Thursday. The infusion went perfectly fine, blood pressure remained good, no rashes or wild reactions. I have been very tired since though and quite nauseous, but the ocrevus nurse told me those are all manageable side effects. And she was right, I take non sleepy gravol to be able to work during the day but I am still trying to figure out how to over come the fatigue. Good luck



Hi @cazsmith I also had to choose between the options of ocrevus, lemtrada, tysabri and mavenclad. I Chose Ocrevus this was half a year ago I'm about to get my second dose soon. So far it's working great! I feel very good, and the demyelination even decreased since latest MRI. I'm sure things will work out for you! Best of luck!



Hi!!! I'm on Ocrevus, but not as a first line (Copaxone, 2 years). My first two infusions went perfectly, no side effects. Good luck!