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First dose Ocrevus experience

Just posting my experience of my first half doses of Ocrevus, as I found reading other people’s experience really helpful when I was deciding treatment! The infusions went smoothly! Once the cannula is in, you have a dose of steroids and antihistamines which can make you feel sleepy. The Ocrevus infusion itself takes approx 2.5 hours overall- it’s a good opportunity to watch a film/nap/chill. Your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature are checked every half an hour and if they’re all OK, the infusion rate is increased by 30mls/hour each time. The only reaction I had was a rash on my face and neck towards the end of the infusion, so the nurse slowed down the infusion and it cleared up quickly. After my first infusion, all my old symptoms (numbness/tingling/heavy legs/weakness) came back in full force. I panicked and thought I was relapsing, but was reassured they were most likely just residual symptoms. This lasted for about 4 weeks before they improved massively. I had to remind myself that Ocrevus doesn’t treat symptoms - it’s more for long-term prevention of future relapses. I also developed a sore throat and heavy cold the night of my second infusion, which cleared up itself after a week. A month post-infusion and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a while! Last month I was dragging myself up the stairs and now I’m able to go for runs. I understand that everyones experience is personal but I’m feeling very positive about Ocrevus so far and love the fact it is 6 monthly! I’m more than happy to answer any questions. I’m so grateful for the lovely people on here who were able to answer my questions when I needed help :)

I am glad to hear that everything went well. I start my first infusion on the 21st


@laura_price aw hope it goes well for you! message me if you have any questions at all