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MS and breast feeding

Hi, I'm Mammy to two wonderful little men, the youngest being 5.5 months. I was due to go back on Gilenya sooner but as I'm sure is the case for so many, restart was delayed because of Covid. I'm due to go back on in over 2 weeks but can't get my little one to take a bottle. I've tried different bottles, teats, different feeds, horizontal bottle holding, husband holding him etc. but no joy. We're moving home to Ireland in October and I'm so tired of this fight I'm tempted to continue and restart back home because its stressful having x2 under 2 in a gardenless flat at the moment anyway. Has anyone experienced this agg and how did you convince baby to take the bottle? I'm going to express a little into a bottle later and see if that works to even sup the teat. Thanks in advance. E



@cailindeas , You're not the first Mum to face this dilemma. Try Googling the following expression, "how did you convince baby to take the bottle?", which was your original question...........



Hey! You might find some answers in this MS Reporters series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVUOB-ZqvZOGynO1z_uPElpKGhCZGzhI8