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Missed Avonex

Need advice - flight got cancelled yesterday which is my normal day for taking my injection. Tried to get hold of my MS nurse but no luck today. Do I take my missed injection today then carry on as normal on Monday or do I miss this week entirely?

I'm not a nurse but I would take it asap, then next week take it the same day you did this time.


Hi Beth. Bit late to the party on this. I have been in a similar situation. I once visited family, took my Avonex pen. But forgot the needle. I spoke to the MS team and my doctor. I was told that if you take this medication on a weekly basis, then if you keep within 24hours then you should be fine. For example, I take mine on Thursdays, but have moved it to Friday on the odd occasion if late. Then the following week I resume back on Thursday. MS team have also said if its longer than 24 hours time. Then it is probably best to miss a week and resume the following week. Hope this helps.