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Cognition and emotion

Hello! I am feeling like all things brain related are wrong. Folks I have been doing really well that’s why I haven’t posted much however lately feel I’m going downhill. That ‘mushy brain’ feeling is back. How does one know if it’s a relapse, a pseudo relapse, a transition to sp? To make things more beautiful I am in menopause. Look I can’t organize a thought or a sentence sometimes. I have a super multi tasking job and I literally feel like I am not capable. I’m terrified of making presentations which is part of my job because I forget what I am saying most of the time. Emotionally I am mean and agitated about everything and I cry randomly because I feel so overwhelmed. I am struggling so much. I am depressed. Oh and dizzy and unbalanced and weak and tired. I have a psychotherapist, a neuro and I am on glatopa (copaxone) for one year now. I have a husband who is taking the brunt of this. I have aging parents and an estranged sister so support is limited at this moment. I feel quite crappy and I need some words of wisdom and encouragement, help! Thanks

I’m in exactly same position went on Avonex had a few months of good health and bam in a really bad long relapse not sure if I’ve done too much and been stressed triggered it or in an organic relapse. Anyway I’m on hrt and sertaline I’m angry all the time crying exhausted and can’t seem to get a grip.


Stress is really a trigger for me. Not sure of your state but I’m also menopausal now so the hormonal changes present their own complications.