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Can't put foot flat on the ground

Hi. So I'm on holiday and my mum and stepdad walk... a lot. Today was a long walk with a steep hill that had no time to rest as we were chasing for a train (which was 30 minutes late anyway). My legs barely held me up. I have a stick and that didn't help much either. I couldn't stand when we got to the top. After resting when we got home, if feels like my calf muscle is cramped up and won't relax, and it's pulling on my foot. It's the leg I have foot drop anyway, so I'm used to it scuffing along the floor, but this is bad. I can't put my foot on the floor flat. I seem to be leaning on the outside of my foot with the inside pulled up. My big toe is sticking up and won't settle. Thanks to my weird walking style, my ankle is swollen. I'm currently laying in bed with my leg dangling out because I can't even lift it to get it in the bed. How can I relax the muscles? I tried massaging. It feels like constant cramp.

I think your best bet would be to contact your MS nurse because there will be specific exercises to relieve this. You'll likely be directed to an MS Society (or similar) self-help guide to managing spasticity or, better still, to a neuro physio, who will be able to give one-to-one advice. A huge nuisance, but there will be ways to manage it. xx


@amberzak , you'll find some information here, along with some suggested exercises :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/spasticity-and-spasms