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After almost six years of being on Tecfidera I am being moved to a weekly injection called Avonex. The change is due to low white blood count. Having read through the booklet it seems straight forward. Has anyone any experience of Avonex?

Hey :) I've been on avonex now for 4 months and have had no major issues. The side effects are a bit rubbish at the start. I experienced a splitting headache and the chills around 3 or 4 hours after taking it but I've got a routine now - take the injection at 6:30pm, take 2 paracetomal & 2 ibruprofen then go to bed around 10pm. I find you sleep through the side effects. My side effects have lessened over the weeks so once you get a routine that works for you, it really helps. The injection itself isn't sore, the thought of it is the worst part for me. Hope this has been helpful


Thanks for your response which is very helpful. I took second injection earlier this week and symptoms were lesser than dose 1. I’m being optimistic that side effects will reduce over the next few months. My time to administer dose is 12.30pm simply because that is when nurse did home visit. I am sure I can change time to 6.30pm without doing damage. That way I can follow your lead and sleep through the side effects. Thanks again. Take care 😊