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Lemtrada as first treatment

Hello Fellow MSers!!! I was diagnosed with RRMS in May, and I saw my neurologist for the first time yesterday to talk about treatment options. She said that since my MS is active/highly active (pending a follow up MRI scan in a couple of weeks), she would recommend Tysabri or Lemtrada. I really don't like the sound of the side effects with the Tysabri, so am thinking of hitting this thing hard and fast with Lemtrada. However, as a first treatment I don't know whether it would be best to try one of the less aggressive treatments initially. Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I just don't want to risk starting on a tablet/injection treatment only to find that it isn't very effective for me, and actually I would have been better off starting with the Lemtrada sooner. But equally I don't want to take a chunk of time off work and go for the really aggressive treatment if it would have been better to try another one first. Basically I'm just rubbish at making decisions and am hoping that somebody can make it for me!!! :-)