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Changing DMTs to Ocrevus, relapses, and pregnancy questions

Questions about next step treatment options! I am currently on Copaxone (2017-present excluding pregnancy) and relapsed October 2020 after I finished nursing my 1 year old. A new symptom came on which caused chronic pain in my hands and legs. It is only starting to subside slightly and I think it is the LDN that my osteopath prescribed. I've had one good week since October of last year. I've tried countless nerve medications at this point with little success. My neurologist suggests Ocrevus even though my MRIs have been stable since 2017. My MS doesn't present in a typical way- no bands in my spinal fluid but brain lesions in an area that is likely to cause pain. My question is... Is Ocrevus too aggressive given my MRIs have not changed. Is it safe to speculate that the Copaxone stopped working and is this why I have this near constant nerve pain? Also, how long do relapses typically last? If symptoms last 10 months is it still considered a relapse? Lastly, Ocrevus and pregnancy are not compatible and I would like to have another child at one point. I worry if I don't stay on a DMT and decide to get pregnant my MS could progress in the meantime. If I do go on Ocrevus then I have to wait a set number of months after the infusion to conceive... Thank you for any and all advice!
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