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Hi all, my doctors want me to start taking Sativex (cannabis, yay) but I have to test Baclofen first (procedures). I have also been told I would feel like shit with Baclofen so as you can imagine, I am not very keen on taking it now (I feel like crap already and dizziness is my second name). My question is: should I try with Baclofen (for 5 days) nevertheless or should I just drop it and let my neuro know in a few days that it didn't serve me, so that I could start Sativex? Besides, does anyone have any experience with Sativex? The possibility of me not being allowed to drive while on Sativex freaks me out. On the other hand, the spasticity is real. And painful. And totally disabling. Does anyone take CBD oils? would you compare it to Sativex? Thanks a mil!

Hi, i haven't taken sativex only in cannabis buds, but i have taken cbd oil, which for me it didn't work as good as cannabis buds but everyone is different so its worth trying cbd oil just make sure you buy a good brand and its 10% in strength or it won't work.


CBD didn’t work for me either. I tried many different brands and strengths. For me CBD is pointless compared to THC. It’s illegal here which sucks so much